Wide Mens Shoes Guide

Shoes are probably one of the hardest items to pick out - there is no shoe size that fits all and two people with the same shoe size can't necessarily invest in the same pair of shoes, so if you're interested in mens wide shoes, here is a guide to picking out the perfect pair.

First of all, it's important that you not only consider the width of the shoe that is necessary for you, but you must also look ahead and determine precisely what activities you plan to engage in with your mens wide shoes. Are you very athletic or do you simply enjoy a game of golf every now and then? Maybe you just want a plain casual pair of mens wide shoes or maybe you man a large boat and need a special pair of shoes that are not only wide but especially designed for boaters! Purchasing your mens wide shoes really is a personal and important experience! And every detail counts - for example, do you want a shoe with velcro?

So as you can tell, even though you've narrowed down your shopping to "mens wide shoes," the options are still almost overwhelming. Here are some examples of what the specific shoes you could be looking at the shoe store: mens size 14 extra wide athletic shoes, mens 27 extra wide width shoes, mens extra wide velcro shoes, extra large wide mens shoes, mens27s casual shoes extra wide eee 3e, mens extra wide golf shoes, etc! The list goes on and on. From terms like "eee" to "3e," you will have to get into the loop if you don't want to miss out on the right pair of mens wide shoes. (The "e" refers to the widths of the shoes.

As you continue looking for mens wide shoes, you may find that there are only a handful of mens 27 extra wide width shoes manufacturers. Mens shoes, extra wide, are already a niche product to an extent, so getting a more specialized kind like mens extra extra wide width mens shoes, may not be a walk in the park! But don't worry, as long as you understand the terminology and what you're looking for, you can use the Internet to help you on your search.

Mens Running Shoe - Overview

A pair of running sneakers can be one of the greatest investments you can make if you are an avid runner or just getting into running. There are different things that men and women need in a pair of running shoes and companies have now started really catering to those different needs of men versus women. Running shoes have also become so carefully designed that the prices of these shoes have gotten well over one hundred dollars depending on how much support you need in your shoes. There is a lot that goes into picking the perfect pair of shoes for your feet. Let's start with men's running shoes.

Men's running shoes can be found at stores all over the internet, specialty stores in your local town, and even basic stores where you can purchase everything from food to socks to shoes. Even if you want to try to purchase your shoes online, its best to go to local running store to have someone look at your running stride.

There are trained people that will be able to watch your stride and determine what type of shoes you will need. Some of the things they will look at is your stature, your arches, and if you tend have pronation when you run. You can either over pronate or under pronate. What is nice about taking time to do this is that you can take a lot of the guessing out of picking the right pair of shoes.

After you know about your stride and tendencies in your feet when you run you are better equipped to pick the right shoes. The next step may be to take some time to look on the internet at the various options. There are a lot of great websites that will give you not only what shoes are available in what color but also the details of what type of foot works best in those shoes. There are even some websites where you can put in the stats of your running style and it will recommend the prefect pair of men's running shoes.

If you are going to spend over one hundred dollars on a pair of men's shoes for running it is worth your time to do some really good research on your feet and running style. Sometimes you can also find some sports medicine doctors that will do an even more in depth study of your running style.

A Guide To Men's Dress Shoes

Most of us own shoes that will suit various occasions including casual, sports, and formal footwear. Shoes that are part of formal wear are known as dress shoes. Dress shoes for men, often referred to as 'best' shoes, come in many different styles such as handmade black leather Oxford shoes, slip-ons, lace ups, ankle boots pointed, round, or square toes flat heels, high heels ad infinitum.

But a nice looking dress shoe can be offset by wearing the wrong socks. You see, socks are much like ties in as much as you can be creative with them and find a pair that will complement your dress style. We all know that the focus can be taken away from a beautiful shirt with the wrong choice of tie, and the same goes for socks and dress shoes, so choose your socks carefully. If in doubt be conservative or you could regret it when you sit down and that trouser leg rises to reveal what turned out to be a bad choice in socks!

Although dress shoes can come in all manner of materials and styles, the most popular dress shoe color by far is black, followed by brown, burgundy, oxblood, chestnut and white in that order. Color coordinating your suit or men's outfit, with dress shoes does not have to be a mind-boggling process as blacks and browns in particular will go with just about any attire.
Most men's wardrobes have about 3 basic dress shoe colors for those special or formal occasions, and most folks have at least one pair of slip on shoes. Slip on shoes can be very stylish, comfortable and safe.

Depending on your age, your social life, work, and marital status the choice of Men's dress shoes range from borderline casual to very fancy, and can adapt to any situation. For the more flamboyant of dressers, black and white hand made leather dress shoes are always in vogue. Many folks think that the dress shoe sounds a tad boring, but with a little imagination, there really is some very smart and eye catching footwear to choose from.

When out shopping for your next pair of dress shoes, you might want to give some thought about when and where they will be worn the most. For example, are you buying them for business, casual dress, formal functions, or for a one-off special event such as your son or daughter's wedding?

Although shoes are not as eye catching as the rest of an outfit, they do get noticed. In fact, a lot of women believe they can tell a man by the shoes he wears, and even job interviewers are being trained to look at the footwear of a job applicant and include it into their overall assessment for suitability. Anyone who underestimates the power of footwear needs to rethink, as it can really make or break your desired look

Men's Shoes Size Tips

Most people select a shoe size based broadly on trial and error, i.e. they know that they generally take a particular size, so they start with that size and then experiment.

That approach is fine if you are in a shop and able to try on a pair of shoes, but it has major drawbacks if either, you want to buy a pair of shoes online, or you have feet of a slightly different size.

Measuring your shoe size accurately and correctly
The following procedure will enable you to accurately measure both of your feet and you can then use a sizing table to determine the precise fit-size of the footwear that you want to buy.
Repeat the following for each foot.

Step 1
On a flat and even surface carefully draw around your foot on a piece of paper. Make sure that you are standing up and applying weight through your foot and, if possible, get a third party to mark out the foot's profile for you. Be careful to keep the pen or pencil line as close to the actual foot as possible and be as precise as you (or your line drawer) can be around the heal and especially the wide toe area.

Step 2
Using the pencil imprint of your foot, measure the length and width of the foot carefully with a ruler or tape measure. The width measurement should be taken at the widest point and, for UK and USA sizing, take the measurements in inches with the accuracy level being 1/8th of an inch.

Step 3
You should now have two sets of measurements, one for each foot, but you must now make a "measuring amendment" to correct them. This correction takes into account the fact that the tracing will have been slightly oversize all the way around. At this point you must decide on the correction factor which will be a reduction in the length and width measurements by either 1/4 or 1/8 of an inch. You make the determination based upon how close you felt the tracing line was to the actual foot.

Step 4
You will now have separate length and width dimensions for each foot and it will be immediately apparent if you have one foot substantially larger than the other. If both feet are of a similar size, then you can buy your shoes in pairs, however if you have a significant discrepancy between the feet it may be advisable to buy an un-matching pair of shoes. There are a number of specialist suppliers who offer this service.

Step 5
Now equipped with the dimensions of your feet you need to convert those measurements into useable shoe sizes and this is done using an appropriate shoe/foot size chart. You simply find the dimension of your feet in inches and line that up with the shoe fitting size on the chart.
Shoe size charts

There are different size charts for men's and women's feet and there are also different size charts for different nations. i.e. The USA, UK and mainland Europe all have different sizing charts.

Mens Work Shoes Help!

Typically shoes are used to cover and protect our feet from environmental hazards. The next best thing to walking around barefoot is a nice pair of extremely cozy and comfortable shoes. These days shoes symbolize trend and style for men, women and children and generally everyone prefers to opt for branded shoes.

Shoe manufacturers make shoes for various needs like party shoes, formals, exercise or workout shoes, athletic shoes, dance shoes and work shoes to mention some of the most commonly used ones. These types are available in both men's and women's sizes and styles.

When looking for shoes, the most important factor to remember is that it's not just the appearance of the shoes that counts but the comfort. Especially for working people whether you are a housewife working in your home or someone who is working outside the home, if the shoes you wear are not comfortable, your feet start aching. Can you imagine your plight if you have to wear a pair like than throughout the day? So when looking for shoes, along with appearance, ensure that the pair you buy will be cozy and comfortable too.

There are many shoe manufacturers who make shoes that are designed for ease of use. For example the SAS Shoemakers focus in creating hand made shoes for men and women. Their women's X-tra Grip Sole shoes are specially designed with working people in mind and offer ample comfort. They have hexagonal shape designed soles that offer more floor contact and hence are slip resistant. They provide complete and steady support without letting up on comfort.

They also have another variety known as the Women's Closed Tie Traveler that offers fantastic comfort in soft leather. They are so made that the pressure points of the feet are cushioned in comfort throughout the day no matter where you are.

Keep in mind that there is no point buying a pair of work shoes that look simply great, if even before half the day is over you are just longing to take them off because they hurt. Investing in a pair of good, comfortable pair is the most sensible thing you can do.

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